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Jun 27, 2020

This week Trump banned valid H1B holders from entering the country. What are the broader implications for America's technological ecosystem and national security? To discuss, Tina Huang and Remco Zwetsloot from CSET talk about their recent research on tech and immigration. We discuss the potential lasting impacts of...

Jun 24, 2020

On June 15th, dozens of soldiers died in clashes on the China-India border. What exactly happened up in the Himalayas? What's the historical background? What does this mean for the trajectory of China-India and US-India relations? 

We also get into development policy, water rights, and some improv featuring terrible...

Jun 17, 2020

This week’s ChinaTalk featured Antony Dapiran going deep with me on the origin, meaning, and legacy of the 2019 Hong Kong protests. We drew parallels and contrasts throughout between HK and Black Lives Matter.

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An excerpt:


Jun 8, 2020

Evan Osnos is a correspondent for the New Yorker. We discussed his pieces on the protests in DC and coverage of US-China

See here for video of the...