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Jun 27, 2021

Xi Jinping will not rule China forever. What have CCP leadership transitions looked like in the past, and what can we expect when Xi exits stage left? To discuss we have today Richard McGregor, an Aussie journalist with decades of experience in East Asia and author of three absolutely mandatory China books The...

Jun 19, 2021

Dave Aitel, who started his career at NSA and spent the past twenty years in offensive cybersecurity,  comes on ChinaTalk to discuss

  • What he's learned in his quest to read every cyber policy paper
  • What blindspots remain in the field
  • How China ranks in offensive and defensive cyber ceapabilities relative to the US and...

Jun 9, 2021

Ben Reinhardt, an independent researcher and robotics PhD, discusses

  • Why DARPA has so many hits to its name
  • Why NASA wasted the past two decades
  • What needs to be subtracted from the US research ecosystem
  • Sci-fi book recommendations

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Jun 4, 2021

Dr. Yan Zheng, senior technical staff specializing in microelectronics at In-Q-Tel, discusses

  • What it's like to invest in startups for the CIA and the rest of the US intelligence community
  • What's broken in the early stage chip ecosystem and how to fix it
  • Why the US government should consider expanding its...